Resort Style Living in MacMasters Beach

11 July 2022


The alfresco area of this stunning resort-style home in MacMasters Beach, built by Balanced Building, now has a beautiful pool, jacuzzi, outdoor living room, lounge and entertaining areas, which create a holiday atmosphere and has earned the MBA Award in the Concrete Pools category. 
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In the article, we talk to James and Chrissy Lewry, the owners, about the renovation and design of their forever home. 

We are excited to share this stunning resort-style home in MacMasters Beach built by Balanced Building, which we had the privilege of photographing and experiencing in person. In the article, we talk to James and Chrissy Lewry, the owners, about the renovation and design of their forever home. 

They’ve transformed their alfresco area into a resort-style outdoor living with a beautiful pool, jacuzzi, outdoor living room, lounge and entertaining areas, creating a holiday atmosphere in their own backyard. 

They’ve used our elegant cream-coloured Crema Vialle Alfresco Limestone to provide soft undertones and beautiful rich texture. The stunning design earned the MBA Award in the Concrete Pools category.

As soon as you step onto the property, you feel a sense of quiet and tranquillity. You are surrounded by beautiful greenery, and the neutral soft colour palette used throughout, makes you feel so relaxed like you’re in a resort on holiday. 

before image
Before Image
After Image

Chrissy, what a transformation! The difference between your before and after photos are truly amazing!  What was your design vision for the project? Was there a particular style you were going for?

“The original home had a country homestead feel, we wanted to modernise the home and give it a Coastal/Modern look with a relaxed resort-style feel,” explained the homeowner Chrissy.

Chrissy has a natural talent when it comes to interior design and styling. Although she has never formally studied interior design, creating beautiful spaces has always been her hobby. 

Winning the award for the pool and being recognised by the Master Builders Association, competing with renowned architects, builders and designers, is a true testament to her natural talent.

She has used a beautiful neutral palette throughout the home, all the way from the front door through to the outdoor resort-style living area, from hard materials to soft furnishings and everything in between, creating a fresh, beautiful feel. 

With lots of natural light, different areas for lounging, and calming aesthetics, the relaxed style makes you feel like you’re on holiday in a beautiful resort.

crema vialle limestone pool drone

Resort Style Living

Since we are spending more time at home in recent years, the resort-style outdoor living design style has been really popular.

The alfresco area in a retreat design style is an extension of the living space and serves as a tranquil weekend getaway destination. You are transported into your ultimate retreat as you step into your outdoor living space.

Read on to find out the design elements Chrissy used to create a resort-style feel in their home and the role of the different areas within this tranquil outdoor retreat.

What are the functions of the different elements of the alfresco area? Do you and the family have a favourite place you spend the most time?

“The overall vision for the outdoor area was to achieve a resort holiday feel perfect for entertaining and for the kids to enjoy with their friends. 

The different areas and levels are designed for socialising, whether guests are pouring themselves a drink in the Cabana, lounging by the pool or enjoying a dip or spa, the area creates the perfect party-like feel.” explained Chrissy. 

crema vialle macmasters beach poolside

Crema Vialle Limestone Fits The Tranquil Atmosphere

Our Crema Vialle Limestone has been the star of the show for many recently finished projects. This elegant cream-coloured Limestone can provide a soft undertone. Rich in texture for both beauty and excellent slip resistance in the Alfresco finish, the stone is an excellent choice for outdoor living spaces and around pools. 

Why did you select our Crema Vialle Limestone and how did it work with the rest of the design?

“I always knew I wanted an almost white large tile for the pool area. The Crema Vialle Limestone was a perfect choice.  

It’s light enough to almost look white from a distance but up close has lovely detail, slight marbling and cream tones to show the quality and substance of the tile.  We also used the indoor matching tile for the Cabana which is perfect for those wet feet running in and out,” said Chrissy. 

poolside living limestone

Custom Pool Design

A stunning pool is a key element to the alfresco area that transports you to a tranquil outdoor retreat. Chrissy created a very unique pool layout with various elements that give the pool a premium feel.

The pool layout is unique and simply stunning. Did you design the layout yourself?

“Yes, I had a definite vision of how I wanted our pool, I knew I wanted a sunken seated area, a lap lane, a shallow lounge area and an infinity edge. The spa was a last-minute addition but I’m really glad we added the spa because it gets used through all seasons,” Chrissy explained.

crema vialle limestone pool design

You also had custom pool coping drop edges fabricated specifically for the project – how integral was this element to complete the design?

“A lovely thick pool coping was a must, I have always loved the look of coping.  I was delighted when I was informed that the coping could be created to my requested specifications. As we were in the planning stage, we had the time to place a custom order for the copings,” said Chrissy.

Sareen Stone supplied Crema Vialle Limestone pool coping with a 70mm drop edge and was made to the exact width.   

crema vialle limestone pool coping

Drop edge coping is cut from a solid piece of stone, and has a thicker visible drop edge than the body of the stone. For example a 30mm piece of stone with a 70mm drop edge on the front, as was the case in the MacMasters Beach project.

Copings with a drop edge are a standard part of our range for some outdoor products, and can also be supplied on a custom order as requested for any of our products. 

macmasters beach pool

Award-Winning Design

Congratulations to Balanced Building on winning the 2021 MBA Excellence in Housing Awards for Concrete Pools in the $150,000 to $200,000 category for this project as well as the Swimming Pool of the Year at the recent MBA Newcastle Excellence Awards. Such an incredible achievement! 

The Master Builders Association of NSW organises and promotes a comprehensive awards program for the building and construction industry, incorporating the residential, commercial and civil engineering sectors.

The Master Builders Association of NSW Excellence in Housing is the state’s most prestigious residential building award. It celebrates excellence in construction, innovation and quality in the building and construction industry in NSW. 

The Newcastle Excellence In Building Awards showcases local craftsmanship, expertise and excellence whilst contributing to the vibrant regional building industry and celebrating Building Excellence in the Hunter, Central Coast, Manning Great Lakes, Oxley and Tamworth regions.

poolside Macmasters Beach

What do you think was the standout to take this award?

“We were so proud to have won the MBA Excellence in Housing Awards for that pool category and again overjoyed to receive Swimming Pool of the Year at the recent MBA Newcastle Excellence Awards. 

I believe it was a combination of design, materials, workmanship and the superior filtration system that got us over the line. All four features are imperative to an impressive finished product,” said Chrissy. 

About Balanced Building

Balanced Building is a leader in providing value-added construction services by creating a successful partnership with its clients throughout the construction process. Balanced Building provides all aspects of Building Trade Services – New Construction, Refurbishment, Fit-out, De Fit, Capital Upgrades, Maintenance and Demolition, via exceptional staff and select subcontractors.

macmasters beach pool design
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Products Used in This Project: Crema Vialle Limestone Alfresco

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